Artemis Pet Food provides high quality products for cats and dogs including dog food and supplements and herbal dietary supplements. The visitor can purchase online all our products and get them delivered on their door.

New Products

Σκυλοτροφή Artemis Normal Plus

Food for healthy and lively dogs

Pennyroyal Dog & Cat Shampoo - Pet Hygiene

To ward off insects and mites

Damiana & Kola tablets - Pet Food Supplements

For alertness and stamina

Cod Liver Oil CAPS - Pet Food Supplements

Omega 3, fatty acids, Vitamins A and D

Σκυλοτροφή Artemis Active Plus

Food for dogs of intense physical activity

Urtica Urens 3C - Συμπληρώματα διατροφής κατοικίδιου με δυναμοποιημένες ουσίε

An essential item for the first aid kit

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